8 March, 2019

A Marble Affair

featuring Bianca Ingrosso

Uniquely sleek and artful - marble is the very essence of timeless elegance. Used since antiquity, it continues to be one of the most adored elements of interior design and architecture. Mable never ceases to amaze with its notions of pure luxury, exquisite taste and exclusivity.

iDeal of Sweden was one of the first to reinterpret the classic material into fashion, shaping a trend that would soon be loved all around the world. With dreamy shades of jade and sparkling nuances, we created a new generation of marble designs that is both playful and bold, yet eternally elegant.

Major fashion houses and lifestyle brands have since embraced the marble print. Among them is Alexander Wang, who brought the precious material into high fashion in his A/W 2013 collection for Balenciaga.

Get inspired to embrace spring with soft nuances, timeless pieces, and the most classic of prints!

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