Empowering female entrepreneurs in India

Gender inequality, poverty, and poor education are some of the world’s most pressing issues, according to the UN Sustainable Development goals. We have teamed up with the Swedish organization Hand in Hand to help women get equal rights to education, thrive to their fullest potential, and pave their own way out of poverty. Being economically independent is still a luxury for many women around the globe. Providing not only for themselves, but their families, is a substantial challenge that many women face every day. To make a difference in these lives, we are proud to sponsor a village in India, empowering women to start their own businesses and kick-start their journey towards an independent life. Through education and entrepreneurship, Hand in Hand encourages women to recognize their entrepreneurial potential while highlighting the crucial social and economic impact these women can have on their families and society as a whole. Based on a self-help model, Hand in Hand helps each woman develop the skills necessary to start and run a business - from finding a business model to managing finances and marketing. Over the course of a year, the women are provided with the knowledge and tools they need to launch their own business and take responsibility for their economic independence. By sponsoring the village in India, we are excited to support approximately 150 women who are paving their way out of poverty, and to play a part in the launch of nearly 100 businesses each year!

iDeal of Sweden is proud to support La Escuela iDeal in northern Colombia

Every child has the right to education. It can be a way out of poverty, an opportunity for an independent life, or a chance to make a difference in the world.We want to give every child equal rights to a quality education, so we’ve teamed up with Swedish charity organization Ankarstiftelsen to make a change. Together, we have laid the grounds for building a school in Northern Colombia. Located in Hurraichichon, a small town in the La Guajira province, the new “La Escuela iDeal” is at the heart of a vastly isolated, barely accessible area. Getting to school is a challenge for many children in the rural communities, and most schools lack the resources necessary to keep their buildings intact or expand. That is why iDeal of Sweden has chosen to contribute and help ensure that each child in the area has access to an education. After concluding the building process in October 2018, the school has recently been handed over to the community and opened its doors to the children in the area. Encompassing two classrooms, “La Escuela iDeal” gives 150 children the chance to gain valuable knowledge to help build their future each and every year. We are beyond thankful for the chance to help these young individuals thrive, and to be able to use our resources and expertise to offer support where it’s needed most.


To make recycling easy for you, we have designed all of our packaging to be 100% recycable

Because nature is our biggest muse, we are continuously striving to improve our social and environmental legacy. To make recycling easy for you, we have designed all of our packaging to be 100% recycable. All of our products are delivered in an open paper box, which not only allows you to experience and test the product in store, but also lets you easily dismantle and recycle the packaging. As we continuously try to minimize our carbon footprint, we aim to transport all of our products and packaging as climate-friendly as possible. That is why, by 2020, we want to ship at least 40% of our orders via sea.

We believe in a responsible way of doing business, and we love the people we work with

We believe in a responsible way of doing business, and we love the people we work with. From our headquarters in Sweden to our workers all over the world, we want our team to feel at home at iDeal of Sweden and enjoy their time at work. We believe in recruiting the best talent to our teams, no matter what gender, age, religion or ethnicity they are. We want our team to be filled with the most qualified candidates, and we encourage a diverse work environment. We also take great responsibility when it comes to our contractors and factories. By visiting them on a regular basis, we continuously ensure that all of our products are made in excellent manufacturing facilities and under working conditions that support workers’ rights and welfare, because they are a vital part of our iDeal of Sweden family. All of our products and production processes are in line with European standards and guidelines. Our product processes are REACH certified (“Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”), restricting the production and use of chemical substances, and excluding potential threats to both human health and the environment.

Our products are made with love and care from carefully sourced materials

We strive to deliver the highest quality in everything we do. That is why all of our products are hand-crafted from carefully sourced, high-quality materials. By using animal-friendly premium PU material, we actively combat animal-cruelty and the substandard, often toxic working conditions within the leather industry. In fact, our durable premium PU material has the same properties as genuine leather. This heavyduty material withstands a lot of wear and guarantees a longer life-cycle than genuine leather, without putting the health of animals or workers at risk. To incorporate sustainability into our products, we have also increased our efforts in sourcing new materials to promote more sustainable lifestyles that do not threaten our planet. Before delivery, each product is quality tested to make sure every piece lives up to your expectations, and ours.

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Saffiano Case

A rich, leather-like texture lies at the heart of the classic Saffiano case.

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